213 Masthead Unit and Circuit Board Changing Instructions

Please see three pictures attached. The masthead is a 496 model which is very similar and these pictures show the same procedure.

At the masthead, the large knurled hand nut should have a spring arm which needs to be flipped back.  The nut should just be hand tight but be prepared to use channel locks.

Lower the masthead unit to someone on deck who can change the circuit board.

To access the circuit board, grip the body next to the rotating skirt, and unscrew. If forefinger and thumb are not able to loosen it then you can get a better grip by unscrewing the acorn nut holding the vane on, the white nylon nut and washer and pulling the skirt off.  This will reveal a plastic cap which should unscrew easily by hand.  The wind angle bearing assembly can stay on top of the cap.   If you have to do this, then remember when you reassemble it to turn the threaded shaft to align the slot in the bearing flange with an internal keyway hidden inside the skirt before tightening the white nylon nut.

With the plastic cap removed, the circuit board can now be seen, which slides out.  Note the position of the board between guides inside the chamber.

With the board part way removed, note the slide-on plug on the circuit board has windows which face out allowing you to see the gold sockets for the pins.  Remember this for when you install the good circuit board.

I can probably repair your board which will involve two separate trips up the mast with shipping and repair time, for a flat rate of $200

Or to complete the job in one climb, I could provide you a reconditioned one for $350, You should later send your bad board for repair, to be kept as a spare.

If you prefer a new one from B&G it will cost $450.

Inspect the O ring where the cap screws on, apply silicone grease as a measure against further or future water ingress.. If you find the plastic housing cracked, then you need to send the whole masthead unit to Myles Electronics for repair / replacement.

Please do not send the wind vane or cups to avoid them getting lost or broken in shipping.

Regards, Myles