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Watch Our New H5000 and Broadband 4G Radar Videos Below!

The arrival of the NEW H5000 instrument and autopilot system brings together sailing-specific features and powerful race-proven technology with speeds of up to 50 times greater than that of its race-winning predecessor, the H3000.

Discover Simrad Broadband 4G Radar, the evolution of radar, perfect for powerboats of all sizes.

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We are always on the lookout for parts to recondition and repair, so if you have parts that are lying forgotten in a locker, take a picture and let us see if we can barter a repair or purchase.

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Stowe Marine Electronics

Stowe Marine Electronics manufacture marine electronic navigation instruments, providing functions such as depth, boat speed, wind speed, wind direction, true wind, VMG, motor, engine monitoring and more.

Stowe repair existing Stowe Marine instruments, and offer service and spares for all existing Stowe Marine instrumentation including some instruments over 35 years old.


Marine Electronics Products Features

Clearest Display

Triton provides class-leading display technology. By optically bonding the display we ensure a clearly visible screen in all conditions and zero condensation.

Easy To Use

Simple menus are navigated easily with clearly marked action buttons.

Intelligent Sail Steering

Intelligent Sail Steering

Low Power

Triton uses very little power, enabling you to enjoy more hours of sailing without charging. Triton displays use significantly less power than most rivals.

Chartplotter Integration

Navigate to a set waypoint, or follow a route by linking your Triton Pilot to your chartplotter.

Smart Manoeuvre

Tack at the touch of a button to make life easier when you’re short handed.

B&G Precision

Grand Prix derived sensor technology provides the most accurate information available.


Integrate with sensors including rate-gyro corrected compasses and rudder feedback units to ensure optimum performance.

Large 4.1-inch Display

Clearly read sailing information on a tough, sunlight viewable screen that’s almost 40% larger than its rivals.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, Check out our Full list of Products

  • Triton Pilot

  • HV Displays for H5000/Triton

  • Triton Packs

  • 508 Wind Sensor

  • Triton Sensors

  • Triton Accessories

  • Triton Display

  • Rudder Angle Indicator Mk3 – NEW VERSION

  • NMEA Merge Computer – NEW PRODUCT

  • B&G Hornet 4 to NMEA

  • NMEA Merger 2 into 1

  • NMEA to B&G Analogue converter

  • Custom input to B&G Analogue converter

  • Brand new B&G Analogues for older Hornet, Hengist or Hercules systems

  • NMEA Talking Compass Repeater

  • 12V Hydraulic Ram

  • Hydraulic Pump

  • Hydra

  • Mast Head Unit

  • Audible Alarm Pack

  • Speed

  • Rudder

  • Wind

  • Joystick

  • Remote

  • Control

  • Gravity Switch

Brand new B&G Analogues for older Hornet, Hengist or Hercules systems

NMEA Talking Compass Repeater

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Instruments or handy parts that seemed to be too valuable to throw away so you hung on to them? Why not email me your list indicating condition and value to you so that we can include them on consignment. E-mail:


CS4500 Ultrasonic Speed Sensor

Airmar’s revolutionary CS4500 makes cutting edge, high technology speed sensing affordable. Instead of a paddlewheel, it uses two transducers mounted in one compact housing to detect particles in the water and calculates speed based on their distance apart. The CS4500 reacts instantaneously to changes in boat speed and is one of the most reliable and accurate speed sensors in the market.

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  • NMEA


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“Superb work”

“Thank you for the superb work that you have done for my sailing vessel Vellamo.  I was not expecting the luxury of having either autopilot brain, I was amazed to see the whole system work flowlessly on the first sea trial.” – Phillip Gibbins, Sailing Vessel Vellano

We received the circuit board, it is installed, and all works as advertised. Thank you again for going the extra mile for us and recovering the package. You really saved us and we are very appreciative.
Brian O'Neil, S/V Shibui, Palau, Micronesia
When we went sailing we were still using the old system, and when it failed,) (as invariable it was going to do) we simply ripped open the box and plugged in the new one. it all worked perfectly.
Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Singapore
Thank you for all your help on this project – the owner of “club level” is a long-time good client of ours – used to own a Swan 59. Appreciate your efforts on this one.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance over the last six years in maintaining our B&G Hercules 690 system on Damn Yankee. Our system was installed in 1985 on what was then “Blue Yankee”, which represented The United States in two Admiral’s Cup series during it’s previous life with Bob Towse. From overhauls of displays, to overnight shipments of paddlewheels the night before a race, to simple advice over the telephone, your cooperation and help has been invaluable in maintaining our instruments on a limited budget. Thank You.
Jim Dzielski , Damn Yankee
In reference to our telephone conversation today I want to say “Thank You” for your assistance with our B&G Super Halcyon Three Compass…. We went to the Cal Mode as you had instructed and input 5 for the Node. That then brought up the Magnetic heading and all is well. We will now replace the batteries in the wind and depth pcb’s a.s.a.p. and see if we are able to maintain our Magnetic heading. Thank you again for your time, knowledge and expertise.
Douglas Berg, Sailing Vessel, Resolute

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